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  • Rawthenthic - 100% Authentic Product from Raw
  • Dimensions: Length - 3.5” X Weight - 3.5” X Height - 7”
  • Roll as many as 6 RAW cones in less than a minute.
  • Use RAW Classic or Organic King Size Cones

Raw Six Shooter King Size Cone Filler 

This RAW six shooter king size cone filler makes your job so much easier. Simply put all your RAW pre-rolled cones in here and fill it up with your favorite herbs. tap the herbs down into the cones and load it down with your poker.

You can load up all six of your cones in about 45 seconds. Save time and save herbs so you don't have to worry about spilling some.

Instructions on How to Use the RAW Six Shooter King Size Filler:

Using this is super easy. Simply remove the pin and move the plate. Add 3 cones at the same time, or remove the plate entirely and fill the holes with all the cones. Add your favorite dry herbs to the top, replace the lid and hit the hard surface on top. Finish it off by using the

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