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  • "The 98 Special"
  • 1400 Cones per Display Box
  • Size: 98mm by 20mm
  • Made from Pure Hemp
  • CrissCross watermark. Prevents Runs.
  • Smooth and Equal Burn

Raw Classic 98 Select Pre-Rolled Cone 

If you want convenience in a big wholesale bulk display box, this RAW Classic 98 Select box of 1400 count is very ideal. RAW classic cones are perfect if you want to quickly fill up your paper, especially if you're tired of rolling. Each one already comes with a filter tip.

The great thing about these 98 special RAW cones is it comes with 1400 count per display box. This means you can fill up 1,400 cones which makes it perfect for cultivators and dispensaries. 

If you like to smoke cones, you get natural refined paper that uses a watermarked with RAW's proprietary criss-cross imprint. This helps burn it slower. Each one comes with 110mm in length and 40mm in tip.

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