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  • 7 Different Sizes of Cones
  • 20 Total Cones
  • All RAW Cones

Raw Classic 20 Stage Rawket Pre-Rolled Cone

This set of RAW cones comes with 20 different pre-rolled cones. This set comes with 7 different sizes of cones from  the smaller sizes to a large supernatural cone. All of these are chlorine free and are all made in an eco-friendly manner. 

If you like to party or are in a party environment, the RAW Classic 20 stage rawket pre-rolled cones comes with everything you need. Each cone is made from unbleached, unrefined paper. Each pre-roll comes with a paper filter tip.


  • 2 x Supernatural Cones
  • 2 x Emperador Cones
  • 2 x Peacemaker Cones
  • 2 x 98 Special Cones
  • 4 x King Size Cones
  • 6 x 1 1/4 Size Cones
  • 2 x Lean Cones
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