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  • Airtight
  • Watertight
  • Smell Proof
  • Built-in Dry Herb Grinder
  • 12 Jars Per Display
  • Fits 3.5 - 5 Grams of Dry Herb

Medtainer Smell Proof Grinder Jar Display

Pop tops are slowly going out of style but twist open containers are making a comeback. Not only are Medtainers the best container jar for your herbs but it is even child proof. It is also airtight, watertight and smell proof. 

The most popular reason people love Medtainers is the built in grinder it has. You don't have to travel with your pop top in one pocket and your grinder in another. Now you have an all in one container for your dry herbs.

Medtainers are made from medical grade plastic that is perfect for on the go discreet containers. The store, grind and pour process gets made easier with this. It's super versatile in its design and its portability. Many people even fill up the Medtainer up with items that should be kept in airtight jars and this is the perfect way to do it.

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