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  • Glow in the Dark Crystals
  • Heat Reactive Color Changing Crystals - Thermochromic
  • Heavy Duty Quartz Thermal Banger
  • 90 Degree Curve Angle
  • Double Glass Wall Design
  • Cleaner Dabbing Experience
  • Joint Gender: Male and Female
  • Joint Size: 14mm and 18mm

Crystal Thermal Glow in the Dark Banger

If you like to use bangers because of its ease of use, you're going to love this one. The crystal thermal glow in the dark banger will need some sort of heat to energize up. When it's dark, you can see the crystals glow up.

How to Use It

Using a torch, heat your banger until the crystals change color. Keep the torch about an inch away from the banger and heat each side for about 15-20 seconds. Wait another 15-20 seconds for it to cool down. 


*All Orders Will Be Sent with Assorted Colors*

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